Getting your wisdom teeth extracted may be scary, but you might find scary the idea of what to eat after your surgery as well. We’re here to help you through the whole process! It’s important to stick to light meals along with drinks for that first twenty-four several hours following a tooth extraction. Determining just what foods are safe can help speed up the recuperation period and reduce the pain:

  • For most of us, chilly liquids can help decrease bloating and ache. Milkshakes, frosty herbal tea, as well as sugar-free slush products are great cold drink alternatives. Cold drinks could also minimize soreness, specifically those with hypersensitive enamel.
  • Risk-free food are mashed potatoes, sauces and smooth soups, prepared fresh fruits, baked sea food, and noodles dishes that don’t require a lot nibbling. Scrambled eggs, omelets, and hard boiled eggs are safe breakfast options.
  • Cream soups, noodle cereal, as well as gentle stews are fantastic lunch along with dinner alternatives. Refined gound beef stew is normally safe, nevertheless ought to become prepared to melt the various meats rather than just heated up.
  • Additional safe choices in terms of food items are applesauce, ice cream, glaciers pops, gelatin candy, sugar-free puddings. Any meal possible to swallow with no gnawing/excessive chewing is okay.

Whatever you decide to take in is just as essential as your food intake following wisdom teeth removal. Generally, we advise that patients use a salt water wash during the initial several hours after the extraction surgery. Afterward, you might use a gentle mouthwash as recommended by your dental office, Affinity Dental Clinic. Soreness, puffiness, fever, as well as excessive soreness may be signs and symptoms of infection; therefore tell your dentist about it to avoid complications.

We’re here for you. Contact us if you have any questions about wisdom teeth today!