If the term sounds unfamiliar to you, then you may have not yet experienced any need for it. To give you an idea, Restorative Dentistry is all about providing medical attention and assistance to all the patients that need oral work or procedures done on their teeth, gums or any other area of the mouth. This includes the evaluation and diagnosis stage all the way to the rehabilitation stage of the procedure. It also applies to various sectors or specializations under dentistry. So why exactly is this important and what exactly is restorative dentistry for?

Every person who visits the dentist goes there with two specific things in mind. It’s time for their bi-annual check-up to ensure that all their teeth are in proper working condition, or there is something aching or wrong with their teeth that needs to be addressed. If there is a disease or a complex dental problem, Restorative Dentistry will ascertain the situation and provide a viable solution. As the name suggests, the aim is to “restore” the normal function and appearance of the teeth. Restorative Dentistry is available for individuals who require some form of dental work and additional care is required.

Restorative Dentistry is broad and covers other specializations of dentistry including Prosthodontics which is the overall care of patients with missing teeth, Endodontics which is the overall care of the tooth pulp and the surrounding tissue around the tooth, and Periodontics which is the overall care of the other parts of the mouth that support the teeth.

Restorative Dentistry can also work closely with cosmetic dentistry due to the fact that the latter is all about improving the aesthetics of the teeth and mouth area – this is a vital aspect of restorative dentistry. A good example is when a person loses a tooth permanently; there is a need to replace the tooth for a fake tooth. This is covered under restorative dentistry but it can also apply to cosmetic surgery.

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