Our Technology

Digital X-Rays

Affinity Dental has invested in digital radiography to enhance image quality in order our dentists to more accurately diagnose and detect problems. Digital x-ray technology reduces patient exposure by up to 90% when compared to film-based x-ray procedures used in the past!

It’s also easy and safe to transfer images between computers, to specialists, and so on. Last but not least, no film equals no waste for the environment, which is why digital x-rays are a green solution, too!

To learn more about our digital x-rays or book an appointment, contact us today.

Velscope Examination System for Oral Cancer Screening

The Velscope system shines a painless blue light in the mouth that allows your dentist to better see lesions such as cancer. If a lesion is found it is photographed under the blue light, measured, and followed up to make sure it is not serious.

Contact us to make an appointment to get your oral cancer screening today!

Digital Communications

At Affinity Dental Clinic we take patient communication and education seriously. We’re proud to offer a state of the art website and blog to keep our patients up to date with our latest promotions, service additions, and oral health news.

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