If you suffer from jaw pain, frequent headaches, and worn teeth, you are likely grinding your teeth at night while you sleep. Bruxism (commonly known as ‘teeth grinding’) is a common problem that can compromise your quality of life by reducing the function of your teeth and causing chronic pain in your neck and jaw.

In today’s fast paced society, stress is an inevitable part of life and one of the ways stress can manifest itself is through involuntary tooth grinding while you sleep. Besides the fact that it can be loud enough to disturb your sleeping partner, bruxism can keep you from getting the peaceful rest you need to perform at your best.   It can also cause significant pain and headaches during your waking hours, hindering your capacity to enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.

Teeth that have endured the pressure and wear of nightly grinding are much more likely to chip, break, and deteriorate over time. The damage incurred from teeth grinding can be costly to repair. With this in mind, correcting your bruxism as early as possible with a dental night guard can save you the headaches and financial cost of worn teeth in the future.

When you suffer from night teeth grinding, the force of the grinding, along with the pressure created by clenching your jaws, not only causes wear and damage to you teeth but can also significantly reduce your bite function. Poor bite function can reduce your nutrient intake and thus your energy levels, along with your whole body heath and overall happiness!

Our team at Affinity Dental Clinic is invested in protecting your oral and overall health, and in the case of bruxism, we believe it is in your best interest to correct the problem with a dental night guard. It’s simply the most effective solution to bruxism ‘ a solution that is guaranteed to protect your teeth, thereby enriching your health, lifestyle and well-being.

Your experts at Affinity Dental wish to partner with you to combat bruxism.   We offer night guards which protect your teeth from the damage caused by countless hours of nighttime tooth grinding.

Suffer from those nagging headaches and that persistent jaw pain no longer.   Call our Richmond, BC dental clinic today to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s rest!