Spa Dent Whitening

Get a Picture Perfect Smile in Just 20 Minutes!

spa dent whitening affinity dental clinic richmond dentist

Minimum Sensitivity. Maximum Whitening  

The Revolutionary Spa Dent Professional Whitening Systems delivers a dramatically whiter smile in just 20 minutes and with virtually no sensitivity. Now you can have the picture perfect smile you’ve always wanted, quickly and easily.

Using a revolutionary gel formula and dual arch mouth trays, Spa Dent is an in-office whitening system that utilizes a unique blue and red LED light that whitens your smile without any damage to your enamel. tooth whitening spa dent affinity dental richmond dentist

Spa Dent is effective on your whole smile – including veneers, caps and crowns so if you’ve avoided whitening treatments because of dental work or tooth sensitivity, contact Affinity Dental Clinic, your Richmond dentist, and book your Spa Dent whitening treatment today!

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