Summer days means lazy afternoons by the pool and busy evenings at sporting events, concerts or on the road traveling with the family.   Concession stands and snack bars tempt us with a variety of sweets and sugar-filled soda and juices, so parents must create strategies that will protect your children’s dental health and counteract tooth decay!

Here are five easy-to-follow summer tips that will help protect your child’s teeth from decay:

Nothing beats H20. Bacteria are attracted to sugar and together they create an acid, which causes tooth decay and deterioration.   Water rinses your mouth of bacteria and acid in addition to increasing the formation of your saliva.

Be sure to read all labeling on food and beverages you are choosing for your family at the supermarket. Consider your family’s usual selection of beverages… Are they full of sugar? Stay away from beverages loaded with sugar and acid.

A straw can save your child’s smile. If your kids are going to drink a sugary beverage, using a straw can keep sugar away from their teeth. It’s best to drink sugary beverages with a meal rather than permitting kids to sip on them throughout the day.   Acid penetrates tooth enamel – so follow up sugary beverages with water to rinse your mouth until brushing time!

Consider the length of your snack sessions. We all want to have a treat now and again – the key is moderation. If your children are sucking away on sour candy keys or chewing Swedish berries throughout the day, acid is given the opportunity to erode their teeth. Snacks that can be eaten in one session, like popcorn or baked chips are a better alternative – teeth are exposed to food for a shorter time, and these snacks encourage saliva production to rinse away the food particles.

Protect your kid’s teeth with protein! Dietary Protein works remarkably well as a guard against acid, so feeding your kids nuts, cheese, and cold cut sandwiches is an excellent alternative to the unhealthy fast food choices your kids may make on their own. The same is true for fruits and vegetables that have high water content.   Apples, pears, and celery are excellent choices to help rinse bacteria from your mouth.

In addition to the above tips it’s important to maintain oral health habits like daily brushing and flossing throughout your summer vacation.   It’s easy to get off track when away from home or when your children are off their usual schedule.

Summer is also a great time to bring your children to Affinity Dental.   It won’t be long before back to school season begins, so take advantage of your child’s free time to book a routine dental checkup and examination.

Call us today to book a summer appointment for your kids – you’ll be glad you did!